Urban Indian Center of Salt Lake

The Urban Indian Center needed to upgrade their theme to allow them to publish content that reflected the diverse nature of services provided. Created a custom theme that replicated their initial theme in looks but augmented their ability to include new items as needed.



Body Temple Athletics is a group of personal trainers who are dedicated to enhancing peoples overall health and fitness. Headed up by Heidi Campo, she required a website that she could control and modify as she refined the brand and direction of the group.


Decisive Point Consulting Group

Decisive Point needed a tailored website to replace a generic template. Worked with the CEO, Finance Director, and HR Director to meet their branding and functional needs.


Ursus Operations Group

Ursus Operations Group is a startup specializing in supporting Department of Defense initiatives in the arena of cyber defense. They needed a simple, yet compelling website that reflected the experience of their staff. Working with the CEO, we cultivated their website around their brand.



Dr. Carmine Gangemi owns and operates a boutique gym in Venice, CA. He needed a website that could showcase the diverse personal trainers who use his gym and how the facility surpasses the local big name gyms in the area.


Salon De Silva

Gerry Silva wanted a simple site where he could display his talent and allow people to book appointments with him online. We took photos of his salon and modified a WordPress theme. Included in this is an integrated online booking service and phone line.