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01 Mar 2018
18 Feb 2018
19 Jan 2018
Salt Lake at Night

Enough is too much…

I’m almost finished setting this place up. Mostly what I need to do is cull through my offline galleries and present my favorites in a logical manner. I’m just tired of looking at my maintenance page. So, here’s my unfinished, but progressing work in progress of a website.

15 Nov 2017

Twitter and Zimmer

Today in the studio Hudson and I are continuing to weave together our master plan. The studio now has it’s own twitter account. Hudson tells me that being too wacky too soon can lead to too much rejection. Plus, maybe a potential client wants to see me imitating a baby mattress with my 3 month old nephew, maybe they don’t. So now, twitter tweets with late night snacks, cats, and espresso fueled ravings will be limited to my personal account.