About me

About me

Photographer, Web Designer & Time Traveller to the Future at the speed of one second per second.

Who the hell am I?

A graduate from the University of Utah with a BA in Film Studies. Why that matters is because of the friendships and knowledge I gained from my peers and mentors. When the rest of the University seemed a lonely isolating place that demanded "conforming" either art or science, technology or humanity, comedy or tragedy, the film department was full of people who embraced all of it, and I called it my home.

Ultimately, I believe we all want to make a connection with one another and be heard. To know that what we're passionate about is put out in front of people to see, hear, and talk about. To find those who resonate with what we have to say and out of that connection develop and give meaning to one another. That's where I live. I want to help. I want to help others share their experiences, point of view, and passion.

Heart fueled by 2 nephews100%

Body Fueled by Coffee 68%

Brain Programed by a Cat37%

More of my work is coming

Film, Writing, & Other Creative Work

What can't I do? What haven't I done? What will I do?

If it's technology or media based, I've probably played in the sandbox with various degrees of success. Shoot me a message if you need help with something. If it's not in my area of expertise I will do my best to give you a decent compass reading so you can continue your journey.

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