Right where I need to be…

Zeis Lens

"What do you see?" A habit I've gotten into over the past year when I'm out exploring and having adventures with my camera is stopping and asking my self that very question. What I see today is that I'm right where I need to be to do what I do.

What do I do? I tell stories.

The story can be a dress, a pair of sunglasses, an actor, a business, a drama, a moment, doesn't matter. The story can be anything and everything. I started pushing on this story door a long time ago, I'd given up, I'd moved on, I had abandoned that struggle. Then I picked it back up and started pushing that door open again, and last week that door gave way and I've squeezed my way into a new room.

A new room with a lot of work to do, but it's an exciting place to be and there are a lot of stories to tell.  There is so very much that I see and can't wait to share with the world.

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