Now what…

Camillia Richardson

This week I got a little tag in my Uber account congratulating me on my 1 year anniversary of driving with them. I also have had to start using a CRM to manage the different clients I've obtained. Kinda important to remember what exactly has been agreed upon for each person. Last year was a a rollercoaster ride of pain, failure, rejection, and new life.

In reviewing my growth as a photographer I'm pleased at the progress I've made, and thanks in part of working with kind gracious models and friends, I'm now asking myself how can I get better at telling the story. How can I turn a vague idea into something beautiful on the spot? How can I communicate better a vision to a model to tell a story in still photos.

Most importantly though, how do I simplify my process so that I can quickly learn from each shoot to improve the next one. Just some thoughts of where I'm turning my focus for this year.

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