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1107 Photos Taken

Photos delivered to client, 204

I choose to shoot my photos in a burst mode because I have found I get a greater chance of a beautiful expression on persons face. We don't recognize it, but when we talk the camera can catch a bit of a goofy expression in that 1/200th of a second shot.

Three lenses & One camera body

make it rough.

I've read a lot of articles from different event photographers and they always seem to be referencing a second camera on their person. I realized in an academic sense that this makes sense to switch quickly from a telephoto lens to a wide angle lens quickly. But this knowledge became reality for me while shooting the Appreciation Awards for the American Red Cross last weekend.

While there was time to quickly swap lenses a few times and it was a very stable event to cover, podium, tables, etc. It very quickly could have turned ugly if I was rushing. Every time I changed my lens I made sure to take a deep breath and be calm. The last thing I can afford right now is a broken lens. Not to mention the risk of getting dust on the sensor or a smug on the lens during any lens change. I may need to re-evaluate when I finally pull a trigger on a second camera if I'm going to do more events.

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