Working through a backlog…

Over the past few months, I’ve worked on several projects both personal and professional. During that time I also decided that the web theme I was using for the site was not showcasing all the services available to potential clients.

I initially set up Dreamland thinking it would be strictly focused on photography/videography work, but that’s not the full truth. The reality is that photos and videos play a significant part in a larger purpose. So, a new theme and new visual direction was needed that incorporates the larger mission of Dreamland.

Over the last two weeks between location scouting, toddler playdate doing, taking care of clients, and prepping for some Introduction to WordPress courses I will be teaching starting next month, the site has been in various stages of completion, demo content, and color tests.

The goal is to have a portfolio, client gallery, and services menu up within the next week and highlight the current projects Dreamland is undertaking.

Stay tuned in… there is lots on the horizon.

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